** NO TESTS WERE RUN ** TestDriven.Net

I’ve been taking a look at Bobby Johnson’s Vacation of Fluent Nhibernate screen casts and decided to download and take a look at the code he took from Steve Bohlen’s Summer of Nhibernate site.

I downloaded the code provided for Chapter 9 and tried running the database unit tests but was getting the following errors :

The target type doesn’t contain tests from a known test framework or a ‘Main’ method. 

The problem was to do with an incomaptibility with TestDriven.Net and MBUnit.   I found an old reference to the same problem on Ayende’s blog.  I  had just updated Gallio and so copied the MBUnit DLLs from the Gallio directory to the Lib folder for the project, removed the reference to MBUnit.Framework from the test project and then added it again, making sure it was referencing the new dll.
The tests started working in so much as they were failing, but that was because I didn’t have the table structures in the database I was pointing to.



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