Xamarin – “Project not Built in Active Configuration”

One of the drawbacks of creating a Xamarin Forms solution in Xamarin Studio (Mac) is that a WP project isn’t automatically created for you.
Light bulb moment – create the solution in VS running in parallels. This will give you projects for all three platforms. Great….but when I load the solution in Xamarin Studio (OSX) I’m getting an issue with the iOS project – “Project not Built in Active Configuration”. I don’t get this in Visual Studio, indeed it’ll compile and run the iOS version using the iOS build host. Anyway, the issue is that there’s no build configuration for the iOS project. It’s easy to rectify though.

Right click on the solution and select ‘Options’ Build > Configurations and then from the tabs select ‘Configuration Mappings’ in there you’ll see that there’s no build for the iOS app. Tick the box for the build and set the default configuration, whether you’re going to use the iPhoneSimulator or iPhone. Click OK and the warning message should now disappear.

Now, all you need to do to switch between the projects is right click and ‘set as startup project’ . Make sure you set the target to ‘Debug’ and it should automatically flip between your Android and iOS configurations.


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